Cutting the hype on EM Bokashi

Apr 29, 08 

[start quote] 
[cab] (…) a simple ensilaging process for cooked food will be better and easier to control, [in] that the ensilaged, low pH waste will have most of the protein in it dribble out simply in the liquor, making for a handy high nitrogen plant feed, and that the ensilaged food waste should degrade marvellously when buried. It would be an easier approach, if it works.  [[It does.]]

Question:   What would an ensilaging process be – simple or otherwise?

Answer:   [cab] Crudely, in this instance it would mean selecting an appropriate lactic acid producing bacteria and giving it a carbon source it can use (probably glucose, although I’m sure it would do fine on ordinary sugar). It uses the sugar and other nutrients from the mix, outcompeting the other bacteria quite readily in this environment as long as you keep it close to anaerobic. The production of lactic acid eventually drops the pH to a point where the bacteria stop doing a great deal and not a lot else can grow either, and at a low pH most of the available protein in the waste will be lysed out. The remaining solid matter should be a bit spongier, and far more readily degraded by organisms in the soil such as assorted fungi and actinomycete bacteria, i.e. it’ll rot down pretty quickly and not fester with nasty smelly bacteria. [end quote] 
Date: Apr 29, 08            

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