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Cutting the Hype on EM Bokashi (0)

January 19, 2009

oodchuck] (…)

Bokashi compliments vermiculture.

I noticed at a neighbors farm a few years ago that compost worms were thriving in corn silage that had spilled down around the outside of the silo, I had always read that acidity was bad for worms and that they wouldn’t do well in low PH, turns out that was a lie, not only were they thriving they were converting the fermented silage into castings at a rapid rate.
It wasn’t long after that that I stumbled upon the bokashi thing while searching composting videos on youtube.
I immediately said to myself, all this is is ensiling, it was then that I started experimenting.
So, not only is the bokashi broken down fairly rapidly by the worms, the waste is also stabilized for long periods of time so I can ration it out to the worms. I only wish I had more worms to work with.

There are other advantages…..bokashi is impregnated with digestive bacteria, mostly lactobacillus so it breaks down very rapidly…..convenience…..there are minimal foul smells……no fruit flies or other varmints…….for those living in colder climates the stabilized bokashi compost can be banked in winter months and added to worm bins, regular compost piles or buried in the ground or containers in the spring…to name a few…….